Listen to some of the amazing stories from
clients who stopped smoking

“There is a life without smoking and it’s totally worth it”

Melanie is in her early twenties and wanted to be a non-smoker for her up-coming wedding. She had smoked since she was 16 and didn't know life anymore without smoking. Melanie didn't have the confidence in herself to quit but since seeing Kris Kern at Quit Smoking Perth it gave her the confidence that she could do it and she now hasn’t touched a cigarette for over 2 years.


Tuart Hill, WA

“The best decision I have ever made”

Annette is a married woman in her forties. She was fascinated after a friend who smoked 50 a day quit with Kris and decided to give it a go herself. She quit more than 5 years ago now and is still amazed that it worked so well for her after trying for 30 years. "Picking up the phone was the hardest part and after that it was a walk in the park" she said. Annette now puts the $150 a week she was spending on cigarettes into a holiday account to use with her family.


Married in her 40’s

“I was very sceptical about being hypnotised…but whatever happened, it worked”

Bree is a 36-year-old single mum of 3 young kids who loves to socialise. She started smoking when she was 15 and had attempted to quit smoking 20 - 30 times before finally quitting after working with Kris at Quit Smoking Perth. Now she's able to still enjoy her social life with people who smoke, and it doesn't bother her at all. Bree wakes up feeling energetic without bricks on her chest and the best part is her kids are very proud of her.


36yrs old Mother of 3