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“There is a life without smoking and it’s totally worth it”
Melanie is in her early twenties and wanted to be a non-smoker for her up-coming wedding. She had smoked since she was 16 and didn't know life anymore without smoking. Melanie didn't have the confidence in herself to quit but since seeing Kris Kern at Quit Smoking Perth it gave her the confidence that she could do it and she now hasn’t touched a cigarette for over 2 years.


Tuart Hill, WA

“I was spending up to $10,000 a year on cigarettes.”
Dave is a grandfather in his 60s and smoking 40 a day. He spent up to $10,000 a year on cigarettes which he said really hurt. He made up his mind he wanted to quit and says if you really want to do it, it's not scary, it's not hard and there were no cravings. Dave now plans to spend the money he saves on a kit for his vehicle.


Grandfather in his 60’s. Lansdale WA