I’m proud to say that I have helped over 2,500 people quit smoking cigarettes who now lead a healthier and happier life

Hi, I’m Kris Kern, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Naturopath.

I started Quit Smoking Perth as part of my optimal health clinic Mind and Body Revival way back in June 2010 when I realised that hypnosis is the best way to help people who are ready to quit smoking and to succeed without the struggle.

Since first offering this life changing service, I’m proud to say that I have helped over 2,500 people quit smoking cigarettes who now lead a healthier and happier life. In fact, over 80% my clients have successfully quit after only 3 -5 sessions or less!

I completed my hypnosis training through Australian Academy of Hypnosis and numerous other hypnosis and neurolinguistic (NLP) trainings which involved many hundreds of hours, including practice and theory.

For your peace of mind, my qualifications include a degree in Health Science, I am a registered Professional Hypnotherapist with Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (PHA) which has strict qualification, continuing professional development and mentoring requirements. I’m also a member of the Complementary Medicine Association, a professional body exclusively for naturopaths.

Over my many years in practice I’ve taken the best of various methods I’ve learned and combined them to create the Enhanced Neuro Blocker (ENB) Method.

My clinic is located in the Stirling Business Centre building, 45 Delawney St, Balcatta, Perth Western Australia.

I live close to the beach in Perth. My favourite pastimes include taking Barney out running to the beach in summer, strength and flexibility training, picnics, outdoor movies, catching up with friends for a meal, travelling and more.

I started in the business of helping people become healthier, after my own health was deteriorating from working long hours as a radiation therapist, treating cancer patients. I was in my late thirties and knew I couldn’t keep living that way, reliant on medications to get me through a shift, so I decided enough was enough and set out to find the answers for myself.

My search lead me to natural therapies. The body is an amazing thing that can heal itself naturally without the use of drugs. Studying and understanding the interconnection between the powers of the mind and a healthy body has become my passion and to use this knowledge to help others just like you.

Now, I’m sure in your search for a permanent solution to stopping your smoking habit, you have heard about and possibly experienced mood swings, agitation, irritability, cravings and anxiety.

These are common symptoms people experience because they aren’t treating the root cause of their problem. Instead they are mistakenly following a theatrical solution that is driven by big business with a lack of substantial results. As a naturopath with my qualifications and knowledge including nutrition and the psychology behind habits, I can help you to understand and identify these mistakes and make a few changes that will prevent all of those negative things from happening.

And it’s done without the use of any drugs or chemicals.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not when you follow the Enhanced Neuro Blocker (ENB) Method. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel after your first session with me.

Clients tell me all the time how even in just a few short days after quitting smoking, they’re feeling more energetic, breathing easier, feeling happier and more in control!

My promise to you is that I will make your experience quitting smoking a pleasant one without any nasty side effects.

So, let’s have a chat about how I can help you,

Listen to some of the amazing stories from
clients who stopped smoking

“There is a life without smoking and it’s totally worth it”

Melanie is in her early twenties and wanted to be a non-smoker for her up-coming wedding. She had smoked since she was 16 and didn't know life anymore without smoking. Melanie didn't have the confidence in herself to quit but since seeing Kris Kern at Quit Smoking Perth it gave her the confidence that she could do it and she now hasn’t touched a cigarette for over 2 years.


Tuart Hill, WA

“The best decision I have ever made”

Annette is a married woman in her forties. She was fascinated after a friend who smoked 50 a day quit with Kris and decided to give it a go herself. She quit more than 5 years ago now and is still amazed that it worked so well for her after trying for 30 years. "Picking up the phone was the hardest part and after that it was a walk in the park" she said. Annette now puts the $150 a week she was spending on cigarettes into a holiday account to use with her family.


Married in her 40’s

“I was very sceptical about being hypnotised…but whatever happened, it worked”

Bree is a 36-year-old single mum of 3 young kids who loves to socialise. She started smoking when she was 15 and had attempted to quit smoking 20 - 30 times before finally quitting after working with Kris at Quit Smoking Perth. Now she's able to still enjoy her social life with people who smoke, and it doesn't bother her at all. Bree wakes up feeling energetic without bricks on her chest and the best part is her kids are very proud of her.


36yrs old Mother of 3